Clean Freak



I don’t need these unclean, dirty feelings
What’s to miss, in these amiss, warped thoughts?
Don’t expect everyone to be happy at
The same time when there are grabby, dirty hands

“Everyone is different” they keep repeating
But our “values”, “pleasantries” are just replicas!
But when this becomes too heavy a burden
“We’re only human” is just the first excuse

Help me find a guideline that can properly
Explain where I stepped out of line
A textbook copy of the perfect life
But it’s not mine…

Everyone’s just looking for that comforting hand
Pretending because we never really understood
The line between “love” and “satisfaction”
No one even knows they made these mistakes

Whelp, there goes the human race
We can’t get out now, it’s much too late
We’ve fallen into habits of convenience
Finding the simplest wavelength

The over-used path of the heart is disgusting, dirt caked so thick
That dried it’s like a stone-path
So unless you’re clean
Don’t touch me!

Shakespearian stories take too long to tell
But when the lights dim the audience laughs
But when they’re on stage they want full attention
Or they’ll stop and call you out on the noise

“Your appearance is flawed” so says that small voice
Inside of your head like it’s your enemy
It’s quite dangerous to be left alone with
All of that garbled noises

From the very beginning we all were infected
With the greed of wanting more
Quick to toss out what we “adore”
Quick to say “You’re the only one for me”

In the end we’re used so we use
Such a selfish outlook for humanity
As we move along we bring with us a putrid sludge color

I’m too tired to care anymore
I wanna close my eyes to the contradictions
The mess giving me anxiety
So if you’re dirty
Stay away from me

Dreams are quick to be eaten by nightmares
The morning rays keep me going
Moving forward on my own
Please wait- “don’t over work yourself for me…”

People with voices like that don’t exist
Even if I cry, no one would care
This is becoming so repetitive
I’m too much of a Clean Freak to let the dust settle
I just can’t bear it

Whelp, there goes the human race
We can’t get out now, it’s much too late
Full of nothing but egotistical creatures
It makes it stifling to breathe

These irremovable stains
Even left impressions on me
I don’t know any more
I should just shut up
So this is goodbye