Hide and Seek of Isolation



Cue the curtain’s rise
On the story about the boy who was
shortly to be a hysterically
Laughing clown in falling rain

Dirtied water underneath my feet
Showing my face that was defeated
With the boredom of everyday
That was exactly the same way

Devouring their passion
Relationship contradiction
Be it dream or reality
it’s still analogical thinking

Marking pages with the Bookmark of Despair
The doll is tearing it’s seems, coming to life for me

1 7 1 3

I brought this thing to life
This urban legend
The forbidden, rotting fruit
Biting the hands that feeds to stop it from
making me go insane, killing my brain

After the falling rain
Everything’s still the same
A shadow laughing so hard that it shakes
All I wanted was to not be bored while reading

Out of boredom I’m just killing time
Let’s start the game before I lose my mind
Peaceful is the same as boring
Every day that feeling is clinging

Demons can’t see me without eyes
Tasting iron that is freshly sliced
Red silk with a color so brilliant…
Is my last requirement

A ticket for the clown’s curtain rise
My face meeting in greeting with the clock’s hands

1 2 0 3

So close your eyes and count
To start hide and seek
“Making the first to be IT me”
Static from the TV, background crying
I see “It’s not a game, it’s the real thing!”

120 is nothing hard to beat
Laughing hysterically, as you say
“You’re up next to play the demon referred to as IT”

Suddenly I heard a disturbing speech
About those who were living, dead, or dying
“The innocent you will be dying today!”
Is that a fact? A premonition? But your face won’t tell me

Look now I’ve had enough
Look now I’ve seen too much
So let us skip to the final chapter

Ah the demon’s move
Ah the demon’s coming
Ah the demon is hunting, so
“Ready or not, here I come!”

I brought this thing to life
This urban legend
The once robust fruit is now rotting
Melting into the water
Like a kind of Witchcraft
I’m playing alone, so this isn’t right…
I can see the shadow nearby
With a grin, the demon quietly said,
“Caught you, so it’s my win~”

Ready, set, go!
Count for hide-and-seek
“But is the doll really the demon?”
The prologue, said ironically
“How do you commit the perfect crime?”
A summer idea
“Game for one with boredom”
The cat returns to the bookmark, so
“You’re up next to play the demon referred to as IT”